FASTMIG KMS 400 AS

      FastMig KMS 400AS

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      Connection voltage (3~ 50/60 Hz)400 V (-15…+20 %)
      Rated power – 60% ED-
      Rated power – 80% ED19.5 kVA
      Connection cable/fuse delayed (H07RN-F)4G6 (5 m)
      Fuse (delayed)35 A
      Output 40°C – 60% ED-
      Output 40°C – 80% ED400 A
      Output 40°C – 100% ED380 A
      Welding current and voltage range – MMA10…400 A
      Welding current and voltage range – MIG10…39 V
      Max. welding voltage46V
      Open circuit voltage50V
      Open circuit power25W
      Efficiency at 100% ED87 %
      Power factor at 100% ED0.9
      Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
      Storage temperature range-40…+60 °C
      Degree of protectionIP23S
      EMC classA
      External dimensions (L x W x H)590 x 230 x 430 mm
      Weight35 kg
      Voltage supply for auxiliary devices50 V DC
      X14 X15fuse 6.3 A delayed
      Voltage supply for cooling unit1~ 400 V AC and 24 V DC

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